It’s that time.

Once a year, the first week in August, football fans invade the area I live for the Football Hall Of Fame inductions. That week is this week. Thankfully we’re almost through it. Slowly getting there. Every night this week there has been some kind of event. Some of the events mean that the restaurants are busy at night, some mean the restaurants are busy during the night. Today was being busy during the day.

Today is the hall of fame game, which starts at 8pm. This means everyone will be at the stadium until the game is over, which will be late – after we’re closed.

Tuesday (my first day of work for the week) I started off by doing a few extra things. Yesterday (Wednesday), I think will be the worst day of the week. I made a large list of items to help get ahead – even though Thursday is usually used as the “build up” day. On top of the list I had for myself, I also had to clean the smoker – which didn’t take that long. Tomorrow is going to be another heavy day because I see the weekend being the heaviest for the restaurant to be busy.

So what I have to do in the morning is do my counts. I have a list of all the items we made in prep. I go through and check each one to see how much we have of each item. Once I’m finished with that I have to split the list. I make myself a list – which is normally all the items that would take someone else a long time to do, but since I’ve been there from day one I get things done a lot quicker than most. The remaining items on the list I have to write down, separate from mine, in order that they need to be done. That seems to help the person who works with me to get their job done quicker than just looking at a list and picking what to do. It’s in a list that’s in order, so it’s just working down through the list.

Tomorrow is Friday, which means it’s bacon party. This means I spend at least 2 hours slicing pork bellies, baking, and panning up the bacon. I try to get that done when I first get there because once I start putting the bacon in the oven, I can work on other things while it’s in there. It’s the easiest way to do it. I cooked bacon off Wednesday and did 4 pork bellies, which gave me around 5 pans of bacon. So tomorrow I’ll need to do at least 5 pork bellies.

Tonight we were putting pork butt in the smoker, for pulled pork. So when I get in, I’ll have to check those in the smoker timer goes off and if they’re not to the right point, I have to put them back in the smoker for a little bit. The person working with me will have to put 5 cases of wings in the smoker tomorrow too. Each case comes out as 2 pans of wings, that’s if it’s done right, so the 5 cases ends up being 10 pans. I smoked wings today and did 4 cases – so we were sitting good on wings when I left tonight.

Another smoker product that will have to be messed with tomorrow is smoked chicken thighs. I smoked two cases today and I’ll have to slice and portion them tomorrow. For the past 2 weeks I’ve felt like I haven’t been able to keep up with thighs, they sell like crazy for some reason.

The good thing is, I think all the hot Sauces & BBQ sauces are good, at least for tomorrow. The only thing that may have to be made will be blue cheese and ranch. We don’t really go through blue cheese, but ranch goes like crazy.

The major thing – aside from bacon – is finishing the dessert. I’m doing a dessert called strawberry pretzel salad. There’s a layer of crushed pretzels (coated with powdered sugar & butter, and baked), the middle layer is a cream cheese layer that tastes like cheesecake, and the top layer is strawberries in strawberry jello. I had everything to do the dessert today, but the strawberries didn’t come with produce like they were suppose to. So it’s really the first thing I’m doing in the morning so they can at least have dessert for dinner.

I know this is a boring post about work, but this is one of the most stressful weeks to work in a restaurant in this area. Don’t get me wrong, we’re thankful for the business because of how the past year and a half has been. It’s just hard when you’re understaffed and you have a couple new people who are new to the area and don’t understand what’s going on. And we already know it’s going to be crazier than normal because they’re doing last years class of inductees and this year together.

I just want my vacation, even if I stay home.

I may have a problem

First let me give a little info about a few things I’ve added around here.

  1. Fur Babies – I added fur baby pages! Really I’ve only added Ash’s page right now with a ton of pictures of him. I’ll add one for the dog sometime soon.
  2. Gallery – I’ve been wanting to add this for a while and since we’ve been stuck at home I finally just sat down and added it. Yes, I’ve added a small gallery. The gallery is split up into the following: Animals, Little Friends, and Nature. I’m not sure how often I’ll update it, I’d like to update it at least once a month. I’m sure I’ll end up adding more sections too.
  3. Recipes – I’ve added back the recipes section. Right now there’s only one recipe, but I’m hoping to add more soon. I kind of want to focus more on dinner recipes, but we’ll see what happens.
  4. About Me – I’ve updated the about me page. I’ve actually completely changed it, which I think is something we all do after a while. Life changes, you change.
Continue reading “I may have a problem”

Another Birthday

I know, I’m starting to get bad at blogging again. :/ I’m trying, really I am. I guess I feel like sometimes I don’t have anything worth writing about, or more like I don’t have anything people would like to read about. It all goes back to the major issue that’s even starting to effect my work – I get inside my own head and stop myself from doing a lot. I feel like it goes right along with depression. You feel like you’re worth nothing, so why are you even trying-  why are you even here. Just trying to work with it and figure out how to not listen to that voice. Continue reading “Another Birthday”

Running For The Stars

Finally Spring

The weather has finally made the turn to spring! I’m happy for it, but my allergies on the other hand…yeah. I have a zipper pouch in my work bag that’s full of allergy pills and I have to take at least a couple just while I’m at work. I work by the back door, which is where everyone goes out for smoke breaks and where the trucks come in. This means that door is used all day long and there’s a small area of trees behind us…so I’m dead by noon if I’m not taking anything. Continue reading “Running For The Stars”

Growing Pains

This isn’t going to be an exciting post, it’s just one of those “hey, I’m alive and this is what I’ve been doing” posts. Considering I’m doing this post, this also means pictures!

First off, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is my current go to. When I only had Netflix they had a few seasons, but they were all newer seasons. Well we signed up for Hulu and they have ALL the seasons, including the current season. I love that they add new episodes weekly, but I seriously need them to stop so I can at least make it to the half way point. The good thing is, I have around 290 episodes left. That means I’ve watched over 100 so far. It’s just going to take me so long to get caught up. Continue reading “Growing Pains”

Blog Life Crisis

My first post on Cats And Cakes! Kind of scary, but excited at the same time. 

I started blogging at my old domain – – when I was around 18 years old. I’m 30 now, and a lot has changed. I thought it was time for my domain to catch up with me and go through a change as well. That’s where CatsAndCakes.Net comes in. 

The name of my new site is simple – I’m a cat lady and I love baking. It’s totally me. I have to say I have a thank you to give to Christine for helping narrow down my choices. Once I had them narrowed down, I asked a few more people. Basically I took a poll to see which domain sounded more like me. Doing that works – but make sure all the ideas you’re using, you love. I had to stay away from using anything horror related in the name…I mean bloody cats…that sounds bad. 

I’ve quietly spent the past few days building the site, narrowing down what things I want to keep, and getting ready to add more things. I know it’s kind of bare right now, but that will change in the coming weeks.

I’m rebuilding my recipes from scratch – just starting over with all the recipes I have. This should make my boyfriend happy because it means I’ll be cooking dinner every night during the week. This also means trying new things – which sometimes isn’t that great. 

I’m still working on the travel main page, but I do have all the pictures uploaded. This also means I finally have all my Florida vacation pictures up! You can see my pictures from Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Universal Studios! I look forward to my next trip: Chicago E2E2 in April!

When it comes to posts on here, I’m going to have one day a month that’s a photo post. Meaning, I just blast you guys with pictures I’ve taken over the past month. It should be fun to do! I’ll also have one day that’s a movie day – pretty much the same idea as the photo post. This will leave me a lot of room to be able to post more personal things during the weeks. I have a list of ideas for posts I want to do and honestly I could sit down and write at least three posts today! That shows you how happy I am to start over with this new blog. 

If you have my link on your sites, please update it! Don’t worry, this will be the only update of my link you’ll have to do for the next 10 years. 

Now that I have all of the info about the new domain finished, I can talk a little about what’s been going on lately. 

As I said before I’ve been cooking at least 4 nights a week. This month I already have the dishes wrote on our kitchen calendar. Tonight we’re going to have a quinoa bowl with roasted chickpeas. What can I say, food makes me happy. And I’m going to make two little berry cobblers to celebrate something – which I’ll get in to soon. This week we’ll be eating a lot of Mexican spiced foods. This is very unusual for me, but not for my boyfriends. He loves Mexican food. I’m already trying to get some ideas together for next weeks menu – one of them being soup because of the weather. 

Do you have a suggestion for a recipe I should try?

The weather has been…annoying. Today from 4am to around 11am it snowed at least 3 inches – I’m sure it snowed more than that. I was at work – I got there at 4:30am. We were so dead I was watching people pull into the parking lot – the few people who came in. One car turned totally around because he was flying while he was trying to turn in. I was so worried he was going to hit the handicap parking sign. To my surprise, he didn’t hit anything. I left work a little after 11am and it took me nearly an hour to walk home – the walk usually takes me around a half hour. No was was out to shovel their sidewalks, so I was walking in snow that was up over my boots. When I got home and took my boots off there was snow stuck to my socks. We’re suppose to go to Cleveland tomorrow night for a concert and I’ve been watching to see if it gets canceled. 

I finally have my permit! Yeah, I know I’m weird. I’m 30 and haven’t drove – but I’m working on it. So far I’ve drove the car once and it was at night. The road we live on isn’t really busy, but there are a few people who park on the road. I think I did pretty well. I’m so scared to drive in an area where I’ll be around other moving cars. That’s what scares me the most. I guess the good thing about trying to get all of this done around this time of year is the fact of filing taxes and having that money back when I need to buy a car. That’s the idea for my tax return – but since my insurance was cut off I have to use some of it to get an eye exam and new glasses.

As I mentioned before we’re celebrating something tonight! We’re celebrating the fact that I’ll be putting in my 2 weeks notice at work tomorrow morning!! I’ve been working at the same place since 2014. I moved up to become a shirt supervisor and turned down the offer to become an assistant manager. I’m leaving all of that – but I’m also leaving a restaurant manager who doesn’t pull his weight. On February 14th I’ll be going through orientation to become a prep cook for Fat Heads Brewery! I don’t know anything about beer and well I don’t like beer, but hey I like to cook! A few of you may know I’ve been trying to leave my current job and get into an actual kitchen. Well, I finally made it! I’m so excited to make this huge move. There are a few coworks I’m going to miss so much too, but I need to do this for myself. The chef I’ll be working with was a lot of fun to interview with and he was just so easy to talk to – I look forward to working with him. 

I’m excited for this new chapter in my blogging life! So much is changing at the same time and it feels amazing!