I may have a problem

First let me give a little info about a few things I’ve added around here.

  1. Fur Babies – I added fur baby pages! Really I’ve only added Ash’s page right now with a ton of pictures of him. I’ll add one for the dog sometime soon.
  2. Gallery – I’ve been wanting to add this for a while and since we’ve been stuck at home I finally just sat down and added it. Yes, I’ve added a small gallery. The gallery is split up into the following: Animals, Little Friends, and Nature. I’m not sure how often I’ll update it, I’d like to update it at least once a month. I’m sure I’ll end up adding more sections too.
  3. Recipes – I’ve added back the recipes section. Right now there’s only one recipe, but I’m hoping to add more soon. I kind of want to focus more on dinner recipes, but we’ll see what happens.
  4. About Me – I’ve updated the about me page. I’ve actually completely changed it, which I think is something we all do after a while. Life changes, you change.

One last thing before I move onto the reason I’m writing. I’m finally back to work. I’m working beyond the minimum time that I can still collect some unemployment – but last week I only worked 24 hours. So we’ll see how this goes. Due to the fact that I’m prepping food I also have to wear a mask. It hasn’t really bothered me though because for the most part where I work it’s cool and I made myself some masks that have a removable wire – so my glasses are not fogging up. Ohio has opened up a little more, but there are still restrictions, which 80% of people are not following. I’m pretty sure it will only be time before we’re back on a stay at home order due to this.

Now something more exciting: MAIL!

First let me explain something. I have two bank accounts. One is the bank that my check is deposited into. I use it for normal bills. I have a second bank account which I transfer money to and put into savings and what is left in the checking portion I use mainly for subscription boxes. It just makes it easier in my mind. Anyways I cancelled all my subscription boxes over a year ago. Well, I’ve had enough time to sit and watch youtube videos of different boxes I’ve never tried. I look for really good coupon codes to use for a first box to try and see if I like it. On Saturday two of the boxes came and I think I’m going to hold onto both of them at least for a second box.

The first subscription box I gave a try is Love Goodly. It’s a bi-monthly box that costs $34.95. The fox features vegan beauty and skincare products – which I’m always looking to expand my growing (maybe out of control) skincare products!

  1. True Moringa lip whip, I received the burgundy anise lip whip. I love the smell of anise so it smells amazing to me. Retail price is $16 (0.25oz)
  2. Two tea drop samples. I received matacha green tea and citrus ginger. My boyfriend and I are going to pretty much fight over both of them. The trail is $2.70
  3. La Bloom lash and brow serum. I gave this to my sister-in-law because I don’t do anything with my eyebrows or lashes. It’s suppose to help restore your lashes and brows from use of makeup products.
  4. Baiser Beauty Formula N°9 Moonstone Perfume. I think my aunt used to wear a perfume that reminds me of this. It’s an 0.338fl oz bottle that retails for $65

The total for the products comes to $108.70 – which isn’t made for what I spent on it. I’m going to keep this box around for at least the next box because it’s the June/July box and my birthday is in June, so it feels like a gift to myself.

The other box I received was the Lip Monthly box. They have two different boxes. I signed up for the Lip Monthly Plus box. The Lip Monthly Plus box is $19.95 each month and it contains 6-7 items, they focus on lips but will throw in other make up products with that box. The normal box contains 4 items and costs $12.95. Right now they have a coupon code May5 – this code will get you the regular box for $5 or the plus box for $10.

Now this box didn’t include a card that says anything about the products. So I’ve googled everything to try to find prices.

  1. Naked Cosmetics Mother Nature – From what I found you can use it as eye shadow or on your lips. Cruelty free. $14.99
  2. Laritzy Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick (Honor) – Cruelty Free. $20.00
  3. Bellapierre Cosmetics Super Gloss- Cruelty free. $18.00
  4. ModelCo Hydrating Lip Oil – Vegan. $12.00
  5. Evio Skin Rejuvenating Mask – Cruelty Free. $22.00
  6. Peony Butterfly Butter Lip Scrub – Cruelty Free. $16.00
  7. Cargo Cosmetics Gel Lip Color – $20.00

I spent $10 on my first box and received products that are worth $122.99 – This first box was totally worth it! I really can’t wait to get the next one.

Alone with buying a few subscription boxes I went on Etsy and bought some pins from shops on there. I’m a pin lover and have been for ages. I wear one (or two) on my hat at work and I change it every week. I try to go with pins that are not that serious at work, but I also include a pin on my outfit outside of work. So here’s the MASSIVE haul of buttons I bought from different etsy shops.

These first pins are from PlushBot. There are loads of great designs and pins with massive messages. You can also purchase the designs as magnets.

These pins are from Cussing Crafter. I’m going to be ordering some more pins from this shop soon. I love that there are craft/sewing related buttons. They’re surprisingly hard to find.

This shop I fell in love with – Wirehed Laboratories. I purchased everything from King Of The Hill pins to Nic Cage (Wickerman). I was super excited to find they had The Stuff pins because I love that movie so much.

And the last pins are from Trev ‘N Riles. The perfect amount of sass! They also included a couple stickers.

2 Replies to “I may have a problem”

  1. Those subscription boxes can really suck you in. I use to subscribe to a lot of them at one point too but finally stopped. Every time I see another good one I have tell myself NO over and over. haha! Aw, your Fur Baby is ssoooo cute. I just love kitties so much. ♥ When it comes to galleries… I’m sort of the same. I have one on my blog but I don’t update it a whole lot. I need to work on that. Lots of awesome pins, do you use them on anything or just collect them?

  2. I was considering the Lip Monthly box. I just signed up for an Ipsy subscription box and am considering trying another one as well. I haven’t been wearing makeup a lot the last few years and wanted to start wearing some again and didn’t really know where to start so I figured it would be a good way to try out some products 🙂

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