Hi! You’ve found yourself on a blog of an Ohio woman who loves punk rock, being creative, horror films and cooking. My name is Christa.

I blogged at the same domain for 10+ years (Stupid-Eyed.Net), and I realized it was time for a change. I started the blog shortly out of high school and I’ve grown a lot in those years – Let’s call it a mid-life blogging crisis. This led to the creation of where you are right now – Cats And Cakes!

What’s up with the name? Well I’m an avid animal lover and I’m a baker. I’ve been that cat lady since I was young and I can make an awesome cake. Add my two loves together and you get Cats And Cakes. 

In August of 2017 I moved from the city I spend most of my life in, to a bigger city with my boyfriend. It was a big step and I’ve loved every minute of it. Well, except the part of moving with a cat. That was not the most enjoyable car ride.

I transferred to work in a location in this new town. I’m not ashamed to say, I worked at fast food restaurant. Believe it or not, a lot of people who work there love it. I was in management at the fast food restaurant. In February of 2018 I was hired into a new restaurant and have been there ever since. All I have to say is: Give your dreams a chance.

Three words: Aspiring pastry chef

I’m an animal lover, one of the weird ones who doesn’t believe in eating them. I was always that odd child who would rather have a salad or fruit over a chicken nugget. That expanded when I became older and was able to make my own choices, the major one was to stop eating meat all together. With this diet that means I cook a lot of the time, which I love doing. I’m also a lover of baking. When we have the time we also have friends over for dinner parties. Not just dinner parties, themed dinner parties. I’m always in favor of wearing a costume. 


As for the cat I mentioned, his name is Ash. He’s an all black part Maine Coon. Yes, he’s named after Ash from Evil Dead. Ash was born in August of 2015 and he’s been a spoiled guy his whole life. He enjoys eating, long naps and laying in the empty bathtub. 

Horror films are a great love of mine as well. The older the better! I grew up on the classics of the 80’s and I’m still finding films from that time period that I love. Not only do I love horror films, I love the ones with all the gore. 


I enjoy making the most of my hobbies. I make some jewelry such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets. I also find a lot of joy out of photography.