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Fur Babies. Food. Horror Films

Welcome to my little space of the wide world of the internet. My name is Christa. I’m a short (4ft 7in) & feisty 30-something woman born in Washington state but living in Ohio. I live with my boyfriend (of 5 years), my fur baby Ash & my step-fur baby Mort. I’m a crafty person and enjoy everything from painting to sewing. I currently work as a line cook/prep cook in a restaurant that also brews beer. As of spring 2020 I’m working toward opening my own small bakery called The Purple Dahlia Bakery.

I started blogging right around when I was in middle school. It was my way to express my feelings to possibly connect with others who felt the same way. I was growing up in a semi-Conservative area and I am far from any type of conservative. Growing up like that gets lonely and I needed that connection with others.

After a few random name changes I moved myself to my own domain and blogged there for over 10 years – Stupid-Eyed.Net. A few years ago I had a blog crisis and realized how much I had grown since I started blogging at that domain. It was time for a change. I made a list of name ideas – all of which involved cats in some way. I finally landed on Cats And Cakes. Due to my love of cats and my love of baking. Some people call me ‘the cake lady’. I felt it was perfect, a perfect place to move onto this next chapter of my life.

Just as blogging before, I use this blog to express how I feel – as well as my creativity. I enjoy sharing with people and possibly helping them in some way – sometimes I don’t even realize what I’m writing will touch anyone but it does.

You’ll find posts about everyday list, projects I’m working on, recipes and random lists. Yes, lists. I love making lists and I don’t know why. Normally the lists are talking about movies or episodes of shows.

Talking about TV and film, I L-O-V-E horror. Yes. The more gore the better. I grew up on the classics and still love them to this day. I have a massive collection of films and normally when I’m home alone I’m watching something.

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