While I’m A Slug…

We’ve been lucky enough to have 90 degree weather off and on. I say that because of people I know saying it’s 110+ where they live. Working in a kitchen though, that 90 quickly feels like 110+ when you have two ovens, a smoker and a tilt skillet all on at the same time. With that being said when I get home I want to do nothing besides find the coolest place in the house and become a slug for the rest of the night. Sometimes I do come home and find my way to the pool.

While I’m being a slug I’m usually watching something. Lately I’ve been really into watching series, which makes me feel horrible because there’s so many movies I need to catch up on…and I may have subscribed to Horror Pack again. So that does not help my problem at all. It’s a good problem to have though, right?

So, here’s things I’ve been a slug to…

Bar Rescue – I think I have my mom to kind of blame this on because I think she watched it when I lived with her. Plus amazon had a deal on the paramount network, and I think I’m going to keep it because I’m barely through Bar Rescue and there are other things on there that I want to watch.

This is one of those shows that I can put on and do things without missing major points. He goes in to failing bars and tries to rescue them – some of them I wouldn’t personally waste my time trying to save though and there’s already one episode I’ve watched where it was his second time at that bar. Thankfully he didn’t rescue that bar again and was helping those working there to find other work.

The Murder Tapes – I think I’ve wrote about this show before. Somehow there are episodes I’m behind on! I really enjoy this show because they use actual footage from investigations.

Hell’s Kitchen – The new season has already started, which I thought was pretty quick after the last one. This season is “young guns”. So far I don’t have one person picked out as a favorite, usually I do a couple episodes in but it’s hard this season.

Master Chef – I love Master Chef. This season is weird. They have legends of the culinary world coming to be guest judges for each episode.

Rick and Morty – Another show that just started a new season! We waited a couple weeks to start watching it so we had more than one episode, that’s how we’re going to do it with this show.

When I’m in the pool being a slug I usually take my speaker outside and listen to some podcasts. I also listen to them on my way to & from work.

Morning Cup Of Murder – I found this podcast at random and I went back a whole year to listen to episodes. I’m up to date now. The episodes are at the most around 10 minutes and each episode has some connection to the date. One episode every day.

Counter Clock – This is a new podcast. I’m listening to season 3, which is weird because there are two other seasons. I started with season 3 because I was listening to something dealing with the Pelley family and they suggested Counter Clock. I am going to go back and listen to the other two seasons. I’m on episode 17 of 20, so I’m almost there.

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