11 1/2 hours…In September

As many people did last year and into the beginning of this year, vacations were staycations. We’re all getting very restless at this point and with the Delta variant starting to surge in many areas of the country, it’s at the point of travel at your own risk. I wear a mask still, even though I do have the vaccine. My mom has the vaccine but she also babysits my niece & nephew who are both too young to get the vaccine. That why I do it still.

Jason and I have talked about doing a roadtrip because we usually travel at least a few times during the year and last year we did none of that. We’re going to be traveling with masks and everything to be safe, and we’re not taking a plane. We’re driving. We had talked about just going to Cincinnati because it’s close and I’ve honestly never really been to the city, just through the city.

So we’re going to Salem (MA)! I booked a hotel that will be free if we have to cancel – if we feel it’s beginning to not be safe for any kind of travel. It seems to be within a good distance of everything so we should be able to walk the whole area.

Most of the things we’re going to be doing in Salem are things outdoors, there seems to be a lot of green space in Salem – as well as the monuments for the witch trials.

I’ve looked through some restaurants and I haven’t added any to the map yet. Since Salem is on the water, it’s a very seafood heavy area. We always do a “date night” dinner and spend what we normally wouldn’t spend on a dinner. I’m having such a hard time finding a place like that where I’ll be able to get something besides salad. I may have to suck it up and just get a salad so we can go somewhere nicer. I have found a couple other places to eat – such as brunch and a regular lunch. I still have to find a brewery or two for Jason to try some beers at.

Since we’re driving we’re going to be leaving September 9th after he finishes work – so around 6pm or 7pm. We’re going to stop halfway and stay in a hotel. So we’ll get to our hotel some time the following afternoon. We’re going to stay the 10th & 11th and leave for home the afternoon of the 12th – and do the same on the way home. Stay in a random hotel and finish the drive on the 13th. He used this special website that adds time to charge the car. It added under an hour to the trip, so in total the trip is around 11 1/2 hours. It should be a fun trip though!

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  1. Wahlburgers is a great place for lunch or anything really! The food was really good. There’s one in/around Salem that I went to when we visited. It was cool.

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