We made it!

We’ve all made it to 2021! I think we’ve all learned a lot over the past year. Good, bad and ugly things. I hope everyone is still social distancing, wearing masks and being understanding toward others. I’m not saying washing hands because that’s something that you should have been doing long before the pandemic.

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Growing Pains

This isn’t going to be an exciting post, it’s just one of those “hey, I’m alive and this is what I’ve been doing” posts. Considering I’m doing this post, this also means pictures!

First off, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is my current go to. When I only had Netflix they had a few seasons, but they were all newer seasons. Well we signed up for Hulu and they have ALL the seasons, including the current season. I love that they add new episodes weekly, but I seriously need them to stop so I can at least make it to the half way point. The good thing is, I have around 290 episodes left. That means I’ve watched over 100 so far. It’s just going to take me so long to get caught up. Continue reading “Growing Pains”