Just a little D…depression

I’m still here. I haven’t vanished. I’ve been dealing with a mixture of anxiety and depression. This leads me to crawl into my hole kind of and do some weird things. Meaning lots of movies and starting projects I’ll never finish. So this post is going to be picture heavy just showing the random crap I’ve been doing or trying to do to keep my head above water.

I’ve been working toward changing frames over to one kind of frame. Meaning I’ve had a lot of stuff just laying around on the floor. I finally ordered what I needed to hang most of the pictures up, so I’ve been slowly adding things to my walls again. Once I have my room (craft room) totally finished I’m going to post a video of a tour. Right now everything from the closet is still laying on the bed due to it leaking in the winter, and I’m still looking for a nice daybed or even a small couch for my room.

Anyways my craft room had a lot going on. Most of the pictures I’ve either bought at cons or random artists I find who I like. Autographs are mostly from the Bam horror box. I currently have a pile of promotional pictures from a few different Friday The 13th movies that I’m going to be putting in a portfolio and I just bought an original press kit from Tank Girl.

I started a bunch of bowties for cats/dogs. I only have a handful finished, this is Ash modeling one that has ice cream on it. I still have a pile by my sewing machine that need finished. I also have a pile of pet bandanas that need pressed and the top stitch finished.

This wreath has been a pain in my ass for nearly 2 weeks. I bought 2 rolls of mesh (60 feet) and that wasn’t enough. I had to go back and buy another roll. So there is 90 feet of mesh on this thing. I still have to finish it though. I painted wooden doughnuts to add to it and I’m going to put a wood piece with a saying in the middle of it. I don’t really do wreaths based on season. I just make a new one whenever the one we have is looking sad.

My mom did give me a garbage bag full of metal wreath forms though, so this mean I already have the next one in my brain, but after the pain this one has been to make I’m going to hold off until at least June to make the next one.

Easter is coming up and I debated on doing this: making Easter bags for those people I work with. As you can see, I ended up caving in. This is where OCD comes in. I count out every candy to how many bags I’m making. I write on the baggie how many of that piece goes in one bag. I’m also doing Easter baskets for my niece and nephew, so I have separate bags for their candy.

This is Thomas. A flower I bought a week ago and I haven’t killed it. Which is super surprising. I’m not great with plants. I thought maybe naming the plant would help…and maybe it has. I’m not sure.

I hope everyone is taking care of themselves. I know a lot of the states are opening vaccines up to everyone within the coming weeks. Ohio opens it up tomorrow to everyone. We’re trying to get an appointment as soon as possible. My mom received her first dose last week. She ended up with a fever that got up to 100.2, but it did go down and she said she just had a headache and felt a little tired after that. So now that I know someone who is related to me had those side effects with the first dose, I’m not as worried with it now. I know though even with me getting the vaccine I’m not going to rip my mask off and refuse to wear it. I’m waiting until a large portion has received the vaccine – 85% at least. Those of us who started wearing a mask in March of last year….we’re fucking tired. We’re not giving up, we’re just disappointed in those who haven’t been following any health guidelines at all. I’ve still been wearing a mask at work – even when it’s warm in the kitchen.

I also think this had something to do with my depression and I’ve noticed when I’m grocery shopping and there’s a lot of people my anxiety starts to kick in. When that happens I kind of play with my ear for some reason or just put both of my hands on my head.

I promise I’m going to return comments this week. It’s just going to take me a minute to do it.

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