A little ‘Tube watching.

We’ve all been spending a lot more time at home. That leads to finding something to keep your busy, or at least your eyes. Finally work on watching all those series you’ve been talking about, but just go back to watching the three things you always watch. *raises hand* That’s me. I’m that person.

I have a bad habit of taking my tablet to the kitchen while I’m washing dishes or making dinner and putting Hulu on just so I have some kind of background noise. I usually try not to play music because my boyfriend is normally still working when I’m doing either one of those activities. I try not to be a big disruption.

When it comes to YouTube, there’s a few places I pick to watch it. I have around a 10 minute (give or take depending on how many stops) bus ride to/from work. Sometimes I find a video and watch it. I also something listen to videos while walking home. When I have spa night, I sometimes pick that time to watch a video or two.

Through these times of watching YouTube I’ve gotten a huge list of channels I’m subscribed to. Out of that huge list, I have a few that I completely LOVE watching and whenever someone asks about suggestions I throw these ones out.


This one is a recent find for me. As most of the channels I watch, ReignBot, is centered on true crime. Just some good ol’ straightforward true crime. Okay, some of the cases are not straightforward.

That Chapter

That Chapter is my favorite channel. There. I said it. My boyfriend is even used to hearing the narrator and asks if that guy posts a new video. I was never really a person to watch YouTube, until I found this channel. We don’t get a boring narration to the videos, we get Mike’s own wit and personality in the video – which is the part I love. Honestly, if I ever did true crime videos, you’d get my two cents too. I highly recommend this channel for true crime lovers, and he posts videos at least once a week.

Cruel World Happy Mind

Look! A channel that isn’t true crime! Well, it is about crime…in a way. Cruel World, Happy Mind is all about MLMs and other things people will do to make money – make money at any costs. These videos are just very eye opening into businesses that should throw red flags for everyone.

Kendall Rae

I came across Kendall Rae and That Chapter at around the same thing. More true crime! She also made a vlogumentary called Apartment 801 (part 1 & part 2), it’s a great piece about the case of Christian Andreacchio. There are a lot of questions surrounding the death of Christian and a family who wants to get to the truth & get justice. Bravo to Kendall for doing this and covering the cases she covers.

Bailey Sarian

Okay, I’m not a makeup person. The best I can do (or will do) is basic one color of eyeshadow maybe twice a year. With that said, I love Bailey Sarian. She covers cases while doing her makeup. She’s another one that I’ll put on and just listen to. I enjoy her sense of humor when it comes to the cases too – when people don’t really see obvious signs of things going wrong.

Critical Eats Japan

I’m super far behind on Critical Eats Japan videos, but normally I wait for a while and just binge them at once. I just think it’s super interesting to see how international restaurants market basic on their location. I can’t get any of the food he’s usually eating, but I still find it interesting.


I found Halloweenfiendpdx via instagram. I follow a lot of people/shops who are all about horror/halloween 24/7. I’ve also been getting more into the side of collecting items relating to horror movies. If you’re wanting to get into collecting or don’t know where to shop, check his channel out. He shows a lot of great items from some great places to pick them up, as well as unboxing of horror related subscription boxes. Really, a must subscribe for those horror/halloween lovers.

3 Replies to “A little ‘Tube watching.”

  1. It sounds like I have a list of channels to check out, so thanks for that. The only one on this list that I have watched was Bailey Sarian, and same I am not makeup person either but I like her personality, I have heard of Kendall Rae and want to start watching her I just haven’t yet. Another channel I recently got into was the Buzzfeed Unsolved channel, and I especially love their true crime and supernatural videos. 🙂

  2. Wow. We have really different tastes in YouTube channels. xD

    I go for more light-hearted channels, like comedy and home decor. I don’t know. For me, True Crime channels do nothing for me. I used to be into crime dramas when I was in my 20s, and I think I just lost interest in anything to do with crime and serial killers.

  3. I’m usually on and off of YouTube. I go through periods where I can’t stay off, others where I can go months without opening the App. Thank you so much for sharing your favorite channels. I actually already watch Kendall and I’m a big fan of her videos.

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