It’s mine.

We finally are nearing the end of going through my aunts things. She passed in April and it’s now September. Crazy, I know…but there was so much stuff in her house.

The one thing that I have memories of from my childhood is this jewelry box. I remember where it sat in her bedroom and I remember being told it wasn’t a toy. It’s not sitting in my kitchen waiting for me to get some brushes and clean the flowers. My mom cleaned it as best she could, and I knew it would be hard for her to get the dust out of the flowers.

I start a short vacation on the 9th, so this is my project for my vacation. I’m going to clean the flowers and hopefully figure out how to clean the inside. The inside of it has a red piece of velvet that has a lot of dust stuck to it. The dancing girl also fell off the spring, so I’m going to try to glue it back in place.

I know this is a short and odd post, but I just wanted to post something.

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  1. I remember doing that with my grandpa when he passed, and I think its time is hard plus people accumulate more than we think, like my dad and I are going through a storage unit we need to get rid of from the flood in 2017, and it never seems like time goes that fast or stuff gathers that much faster than I think it should. Like I’m going through things, and either keeping, donating, or trashing. Good luck with the restoring 🙂

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