Top of 2023

It’s finally the end of the year. Time to reflect on the films I watched through the year. It’s something everyone does, right?

First let’s talk numbers!

This year we moved into a new house, so that made an impact on how much downtime I actually had to watch movies.

Total Films Watched: 188
Total Re-watch Films: 62
Total New Watch Films: 126

When it comes to the top films of the year I cut out the films that I’ve watched before. I’ve also noticed there are a few films that I watch at least once a year, they’re just comfort films. The top list is made of ones I’ve rated 4 (Out of 5) & higher. I do have an absolute favorite of the year. It’s something I watched back in April, I honesty thought I watched it recently – I think that shows the hold this film has had on me since I watched it.

All of these films were great watches. As I said before, they’re not all from this year. What can I say, it takes me a while to get to a movie sometimes. I highly recommend these movies.

The one film I watched this year and gripped me is one I haven’t seen people talk about. It’s an Irish-British horror movie from 2016. The story is haunting and the design of the sets are just beautiful for each section of the story. It is available on Tubi and Shudder.

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