Small Business Jar

Hey all! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve wrote anything or even visited other blogs. I needed the time with myself (& family) to deal with my aunts passing and everything that goes along with that. The oddest thing is all the craft items that we’ve had to go through and figure out if it’s worth keeping or throwing out. With that said my (craft) room is tore apart. I’m in the process of getting rid of this extra desk I have, so I can put shelves where it’s at. I need somewhere to put fabric.

So, days before my aunt passed away I seen someone online talking about how they wrote down online small businesses on pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. They would pick from the bowl and buy from that shop. Well, me being extra, I made a jar.

This was the jar before I added a load more names. It was to the top of the jar. I follow a lot of small business accounts on Instagram, so I just went through who I follow. I made a document with all the names, printed it out and cut them apart. I’ve ordered from four shops so far. I’ve kind of slacked off a little on doing it, but I wanted to have all my open orders before ordering more. So, here’s what I’ve ordered & the shops I’ve ordered the items from.

I’ve been looking for a new belt that I can wear at my nature waist. The problem is how small my nature waist is. I’ve also wanted a harness. The other issue is that most of those items are made from leather. These are made from VEGAN LEATHER! This shop is Jenny Machete. Her items are made to order, meaning she doesn’t have a stockpile of items hanging out in a room so it takes time to get your items. I think I waited a little less than 2 weeks to receive my items. I’ve been horrible and haven’t taken any pictures wearing these items. A few days after I got them I injured my back and I spent 2 weeks laying around, now it seems to be raining every day. I promise I will take pictures wearing these items before the end of the month! The harness and belt are both very good quality and I think I’m going to get a lot of wear out of them. You can get a range of colors, I picked red because…it’s my favorite color. She also makes these cute coffin shaped phone holsters – which I’m considering buying. Right now (June 13) she does have her shop closed so she can catch up on orders, but it’s worth the wait for her shop to reopen.

In this jar I made, there are shops of every kind. This one is for Ash. You all know I wouldn’t go through the whole jar without getting him something. This shop is Corrine’s Craft Shop! She makes crocheted items. Right now (June 13) she’s working on restocking her shop. I was lucky enough to order before she had to do a restock and I’m hoping she’s going to do a restock of this thing I ordered because I know some other cats that need them. It’s a kitty titty! Yes, it’s a catnip filled titty. Ash started with it on the second floor and it is now in the living room. She lays with it while we watch TV. The exciting news is that she’s going to start selling boob pillows! I have two brothers, so I’m pretty sure I know what they’re getting for Christmas.

I think this item was the first one I ordered using the jar. Yes, they’re dildo earrings. I haven’t wore them yet. I was going to the other night when we went out for dinner, but I was running late due to just getting home from work. These are so cute. The shop I ordered them from is GermJewelry. This shop has a lot of fun earrings. I’m kind of sad I missed the pride dildo keychains! I’m hoping they stick around so I can order one of one. And the fun part is, you can order mix and match earrings.

I like nature. I like jewelry. So here’s the purchase from Nature Bone Studio. A glass mushroom necklace. I don’t have any necklaces that are glass, so this is a great addition to my out of control jewelry collection. I know the picture if kind of bad, but the detail on the bottom of the stem is just amazing. I used to go mushroom hunting with my aunt, so this kind of has a big meaning to me. I haven’t wore it yet either.

This is going to be a fun adventure to empty the jar! If you have any favorite small businesses let me know! In theory the jar will never be empty and I’ll continue to add to it.

Also, I think the jar needs a name.