Spooky day 2021

I know I’ve been at horrible at blogging the last few months. What can I say, sometimes I feel like I have nothing interesting to share at all. Plus, I’ve been on a horror movie binge, so I’ll finally have something to start posting about on Horror Rambler.

Today I thought I’d take the time and post about my costume, which will turn into a cosplay for conventions – whenever I feel comfortable going back to conventions. This costume took me around 3 months to make and I made every piece of it. If you follow my social media, you slowly watched it come together.

Here is the character I was trying to recreate. If you don’t know, this is Sam from the film Trick ‘r Treat. I love the film and I think it has become a horror classic already, as it’s 14 years old. I’ve been wanting to make this costume for a while and considering how last year was, I wanted to do something major. This was it. It has also been a while since I made a costume with detail and props.

The head was the piece that I was honestly worried the most about. You have to be able to see, but it also has to keep its shape. I found a solution that was lightweight and something that I could see through. A rat ball. Yes, it’s like a hamster ball but big enough for a pet rat to fit in. And with a piece of the back cut out, it bends just enough to open up for my head to go in. It has holes for air already too, so something I didn’t have to worry about doing. I also added some padding to the inside of the ball on the back so it would help the ball keep forward on my head and move less.

The orange onesie was made from a pattern I found. Sam has a butt flap, so I had to add that because it wasn’t on the original pattern.

Now the props were the easiest part to make. The sucker was made from some foam that I cut out and painted, with the stick just being a chopstick. The big sack that he has was just a couple pieces of burlap sewn together.

I like these.

an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.

Every so often I enjoy doing one of those “getting to know me” posts. This is one of those! This isn’t a general one though, this one is all about my hobbies! Everyone has at least one hobby, or maybe you have a few – depending on what you feel like doing. I have a few.

Horror. That’s a hobby, right? Okay, watching horror movies? I guess that sounds better. The horror community is actually a great & supportive community to be a part of. The Slasher app has made it a lot easier to connect with those people and they’ve been awesome with keeping the creeps out (the bad ones). It has made my hobby of watching horror movies a lot more fun because of the fact that I have list of people who I can post about a movie and they’ve either seen it or at least heard of it. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still take part in my hobby of those movies, but this makes it seem like I’m taking part in it with other people. Can’t you tell I don’t know very many people who enjoy horror?

Watching these movies is something I grew up doing, and I still do it. Everything from those cheesy ones most people try to avoid to ones that are more graphic than most movies. For some reason I can just connect and keep my attention on horror more than any other movie genre.

Something that I enjoy doing, but I honestly haven’t been doing it, is reading. I just ordered a few books, I’m hoping that kind of pushes me to get back in to reading. I just haven’t wanted to because it’s kind of like the horror movie thing, I don’t have anyone to really talk to about the books I read. The books I ordered are mostly about cults…so yeah I guess it’s kind of an odd thing to get excited about. Either way, I’ll read these books. I’ve recently started listening to a podcast about cults and one of the books is one they used to do research.

If the book isn’t a part of my interest, I can’t read it. It bores me. This is why I can’t join any kind of book club. I would never read the books they would tell me to read. I actually had a hard time in school with reading because I’m dyslexic. So I was in a special class for kids who had issues with reading. And through all that, reading became something I really into doing. My niece has picked up this hobby as well and I buy her at least 20 books every Christmas and before Easter she has them all read. I used to read like that too and I’m hoping I’ll get back into reading like that sometime soon. Since we’re going to be driving to Salem in September, I’m going to take a few books and try to read in the car – we’ll find out if I get car sick!

A hobby, I think everyone who is friends with me on social media, knows I enjoy is sewing. Mostly because I at least post once a week about a project I’m doing or my odd sewing OCD. I have loads of stuff cut out right now and I’m in the process of trying to get everything finished before I start something new. The problem is I always end up at the craft store or I order more fabric online. It’s a never ending things that I do love. Right now I have fabric bookmarks, chapstick keychain holder, pet bowties, pet bandanas, pot holder and two skirts for myself all cut out. I can’t work on the pot holders until I get to go the craft store to get the right batting – I’m afraid that I’ll order the wrong thickness online.

Sewing is a skill I learned when I was around 8 years old by my aunt. My mom also sews and I still call her when I’m having issues with something. I do a lot of sewing for things to sell and it’s really not about making the money off the stuff, it’s just the fact that I get to sew. I am currently trying to make a little stockpile to begin going back to craft events next year and possibly open some kind of online store. My boyfriend has suggested an online store for the past few months and I’m thinking about it. I think once I get all these open projects done I’ll honestly sit down and look about opening something.

The last hobby of mine would have to be baking. As I’m typing this out I have a pan of brownies I’m waiting to cool so I can make the peanut butter whiskey frosting for them. Baking brings me joy, even though I never eat whatever I make. Which sounds super weird, but it’s true. I just like the process of making whatever I’m doing, I don’t really enjoy baked goods. I know it’s weird to say something I do as a job is also my hobby, it’s because I even do it when I’m not getting paid. One of the guys I work with has been asking me about making something for the past few weeks. I used to bring something in once a week for everyone, but with everything happening this year I kind of fell off of doing that. I really want to start doing it again though. They had different cupcakes for a month, every week it was something different. It’s also a good way to test recipes. The recipe I used tonight is something new I’m trying.

A lot of people have also picked up new hobbies due to the pandemic and staying home. I am not one of those people. I just leaned into horror and sewing. Which sounds horrible because it would have been the perfect time to pick up more reading.