I’ll get the gross work talk out of the way first. A lot has been happening at work. If you’re friends on facebook with me or even just follow my instagram you already know.

Christine asked a question on a blog post and I feel bad for not answering it, but I’m finally going to answer it.

As a vegan, do you mind cooking meat for others?

I haven’t had meat in YEARS. I mean, I don’t want to say how many years because that just makes me feel old. To me there’s a smell to meat, especially chicken. I know I get a lot of shit from vegans due to the fact that I work in a restaurant where I have to handle and deal with meat. I do not taste any of the dishes which contain products I do not eat at home. I’ve learned what the meat should feel like and smell like when it’s ready after whatever we’re doing to it. We smoke all of our meat in house – including bacon. It’s not an easy job for me to do, but I’m doing it to prove to myself I’m cut out to work my dream job. I would never go to a costumer and tell them how they shouldn’t be eating that chicken wing because of the horrid conditions that chicken died in. In the end I want to make food for people and for them to enjoy it. With my current happenings at work I’m hoping to be able to include some things I can eat – even if it’s just on the menu for a week.

Last week was crazy, I worked over 40 hours – yippie for that overtime!

First major thing was that we did our first catering order. It was kind of exciting to have to make all this food and have everything portioned and ready to leave for the location. I even came in for 4 hours on my day off to help and make sure everything looked good. I’m excited to see what our catering menu is going to be and help out more with that side of the business. At one point in time I thought about doing catering. While the head chef was gone with the catering set up I was left in charge and up on expo.

That leads me to the big news…

I’m currently doing training to become kitchen supervisor! My main duty will still be handling prep, but making sure those who are on prep are doing what they should me. I was included with the kitchen management meeting Tuesday. The meeting honestly made me feel like I am actually becoming part of a management TEAM. At my last job the management wasn’t a team, it was deeply fractured and causing the business to suffer. I have high hopes for my new job and for the team I’m part of.

Tuesday (05/08) we’re having another meeting. At this meeting I’ll have beer brownies with whiskey caramel for the other kitchen managers to try. I’m hoping they turn out great so they can be a dessert special next week. I’ve never made them before, and the last time I made caramel sauce it didn’t end so well. haha. Next week I’ll also be making a vegan soup. It’s a light springtime soup, and I’m excited to be given the chance to add something vegan to the menu – even if it’s only for a week.

This week is also veggie burger week at home. Okay, so our veggie burger at work is…not awesome. Also, it has eggs in it. I have a few ideas of how to make it so much better. Just by adding some carrots, corn and well removing the egg. I’m trying to work off of what we already order due to the fact that we don’t go through that many veggie burgers.

I’m not dreading this next step. I’m actually excited and can’t wait to see what we can do at this business.

Finally Spring

The weather has finally made the turn to spring! I’m happy for it, but my allergies on the other hand…yeah. I have a zipper pouch in my work bag that’s full of allergy pills and I have to take at least a couple just while I’m at work. I work by the back door, which is where everyone goes out for smoke breaks and where the trucks come in. This means that door is used all day long and there’s a small area of trees behind us…so I’m dead by noon if I’m not taking anything.

This is Ash’s first spring/summer since we moved up here and he has loads of windows to sit in. Plus there’s so many birds and squirrels. It’s driving him nuts that he can’t go outside to chase after them. We did find out the neighbor has a cat because Wednesday morning Ash refused to eat. I found him sitting in the window in my craft room watching the cat next door. He was also just sitting in the window. They have some kind of weird friendship now, I think.

And since it’s warm weather, finally, I got a hair cut. Really, my boyfriend shaved my head. Since we’re all still learning about each other at work I’ve gotten a few questions as to why I did it. Society still says that hair defines a woman’s appeal. That’s so false. Hair is a way to express yourself and make yourself happy. Well, I’m beyond happy.

Birthdays, Mother’s Day

It seems May is ‘spending money on other people month’. Honestly that doesn’t make it any different than any other month for me. I mean, I pay my bills and never really buy myself much of anything. I buy the kids (nieces & nephews) stuff.

My boyfriend’s birthday is this week. I did give him the brewers almanac book I ordered him. It has recipe ideas to use what’s in season. I thought it would be very helpful and he’ll be able to get a few ideas of beers he can make that will be very seasonal.

Mother’s day is also coming up, fast. The major thing my younger brother and I split the cost of I already have. I’ve been trying to think of something else to get her. I mean what we got her is going to be a huge surprise and she’s going to love it, but I just want to include something that hits that theme.

Last of all, my niece is turning 7! So I’m buying her a Fujifilm Instax Mini 9. I know, I know, it sounds crazy to get a 7 year old that camera. She’s going to love it though, and it’s not that hard to use at all. I’ve been reading a lot about it and I’ve talked to my mom about it as well and she’s on the same page as I am. I’m going to order it as a kit though. In the kit you get the camera, case, 2 packs of film, and a mini photo album too. I’m going to buy her a few packs of film that have printed boarders as well. My brother just moved so they’re still working on getting the kids rooms together, the girls are going to share a room (and the boys are going to share a room), so I found a string of lights that are photo holders. I bought them because I think they’re going to be perfect. I’m going to have her open those first though because I know she’s going to be upset – little kids are funny like that. I’m going to open the camera when I get it though and take a picture. I’m going to tape the picture to the package. Now what I’m going to take a picture of…I don’t know. I’m thinking of taking a picture of Ash maybe.

My birthday is at the end of June, but I kind of already bought myself something. I bought this bundle. When I get it I’ll have the same shirt in a long sleeve style and a short sleeve style. The only thing is the long sleeve shirt is around 15 years old or so.


The last thing I wanted to talk about is really the first thing I talked about, food.

So I know I haven’t added any recipes to my blog at all, I am just wanting to add the best recipes first and add filler recipes later on. The first recipe I’m hoping to add will be the beer brownies I’m making. Well, that is as long as they turn out like they should. Fingers crossed!

I’m trying not to add recipes for the random stuff we’ve been eating lately. Which is a lot of salads. I haven’t been getting home before he gets home, so it’s kind of been finding things to throw together. I usually get a chance to eat around 10:30am before we open and I don’t eat again until I get home – which is between 4:30 – 5:30, it all depends on what time I clock out honestly.

I promise, I’m going to get better at blogging soon.