I love baking. I’m pretty sure it’s no secret. The fact that I have a pan of brownies cooling right now kind of proves that.

Baking helps you release all the stress that builds up. It’s a creative outlet too. Another reason to bake – personally – is the fact that it connects me with my family. So many of my memories (as many people) food is involved.

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After the week I’ve had with Ash, I figured it was time to finally write about him.

Last Tuesday my day was spent at the emergency vet – this is after my boyfriend left work early to take me (& Ash). After a few hours there and a bill heading toward $600 we were able to bring him home, after my boyfriend was able to talk his vet into taking Ash the next morning. Ash stayed at the other vet Wednesday to Friday.

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As of late after I come home from work I have a routine which I find it hard to stray from. This routine is to let the dog out, so he can do his dog things. While he’s out doing what he does I get a bath ran, because after being on my feet for (normally) 8+ hours I just want to sit down and do nothing for a little while. Bath bombs are my best friend – and some time to time just some good ol’ bubble bath. Hey, I have no problem buying cotton candy bubble bath that comes with a cap in the shape of a unicorn.

Now this is where my confessions (x2!) comes in. I have two problems and it’s time I confess to my weridness.

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The most important part of starting a blog is selecting the right name. This name needs to say something about what you’re going to blog about, as well as who you are. I know a lot of people who blog use it as a business, some of us don’t. Some of us just blog to express ourselves and possibly help others who have been through something that we have gone through. We also blog to just get all the daily stress out.

I fall in the section of bloggers who blog to share experiences, creativity and the randomness that is life.

Now, this is where I make myself feel old. I started blogging when I was in my early teens. Let’s just say I knew all about Geocities. It was the days of Livejournal and online diary services. It was where all the kids my age went to…be teenagers and complain about parents and talk about love interests. I was finally able to get hosted when I was in middle school. My first “official” blog was XangelxCompleX. If I remember correctly I did drop the extra X’s after some time.

After some time I was able to pay for my own hosting instead of being hosted for free. This lead to my first actual domain. My first domain was from the title of a song by one of my favorite bands. It was Right2Choose.Net. I stayed at that domain through the end of middle school and through much of high school. I stopped blogging around 11th grade because I just lost interest in it.

I graduated high school and bought a new domain – Stupid-Eyed.Net. I stuck with that domain for over 10 years. But that domain had some bad mojo connected to it. That was my safe place during a (too long) abusive relationship. I know I should have changed it a lot sooner than I did, but when you’ve held a domain for that long it’s hard to do. Some people change their domain on a monthly basis, making it hard to connect with that person because it seems as if they become a new person every month. I had connected to that domain and I was Stupid-Eyed.Net

The beginning of last year (February actually) I started thinking it was time to change. I wasn’t in the same place that Stupid-Eyed.Net represented. I was beginning a new job, expanding the person I am, and in the best relationship I’ve ever been in. All of that totally meant it was time for a change.

So I made a short list of name ideas I liked – all of them had something to do with cats. No joke. I took those names and had a poll between a select few whom I knew I could trust. The poll was pretty obvious and Cats And Cakes won.

Why Cats and Cakes?

I figure a lot of people who never came across me while I was blogging at Stupid-Eyed.Net have come across me now. I mean, who can resist a blog that has Cats in the name!? I can’t. Just sayin’.

First we’ll talk about the first part of the name. Cats. I am a cat lady. I’ve always had a cat my whole life, and at one time I had four. Growing up we lived in an area where people would drop unwanted cats off and leave them. I was the one trying to get the cats to come to me so I could pet them and feed them. My mom didn’t enjoy this because we ended up having a lot of outdoor cats. But at least we cared for them. We made sure they were fed and had somewhere warm to go during the winter.

For a tattoo fundraiser a local animal rescue was having, I even got a cat from outer space tattoo. I also have a strip of leopard spots as a tattoo.

Right now I only have one cat. I’m working on getting another. If you follow my Instagram, I post pictures of him all the time. His name is Ash. He’s black (with a little white) and his daddy is a maine coon – meaning he’s not a little guy.

He’s a spoiled (almost 3) 2-Year-Old (I think).

The second part of the name is CAKES. We all love cake. I mean, I love making it – not really eating it. Baking in general is my thing. I am slowly working toward opening some kind of small bakery. That’s my goal.

Now you know a little more about why I picked Cats And Cakes. ^_^

2018 is in the books and I know I failed at blogging more than I was. I honestly sat down to blog a few times and I was sure what I was getting ready to write no one truly cared about. I obviously have a lot of self doubt in general, but when it comes to blogging it’s a lot higher than normal. I’m hoping to get better with that this year. In the end I just blog for myself non one else.

I know last year was a struggle and low for a lot of people. We’re all hoping this new year will be a lot better – even just a little better would be great.

With all of that I did have some highlights over the past year.

Changing Jobs

I was at one job for a few years and worked my way up into management. I even stuck with that company and took a transfer so I could move in with my boyfriend. To be honest I had not been happy for a while at that job for a while. When I heard of a new brewery opening I filled out an application, had an interview with the executive chef and was hired. I was officially hired February 14th. I’ve been there since day one and I’ve worked my way up to Kitchen Supervisor. Taking the chance and going to my new job has been one of the best chances I’ve ever taken.

New Nephew

A few days before Easter the newest addition to my family came, a new nephew. I sadly don’t see him enough, but I’m hoping to change that this year. I want to make more trips to see my family and hopefully have my family come up a little more.

New Blog

Changing to this domain was a major step forward and kind of out of my comfort zone. When you have been blogging at the same domain for over 10 years it’s a little bittersweet to change that. I knew it was time to do that, and I’m glad I did it.

This year in general I’m hoping to travel a lot more, try new crafts and make a lot of food.

I’m also hoping to bring recipes back to the blog. Possibly on national pizza day I’ll start the recipe section off with a pizza recipe. I mean, that seems like the only proper way to do that.

Blogging more is something else I’m looking forward to this year. I have a desk calendar with notes on it for blog posts. I’m crossing my fingers that it will help.

I hope everyone finished 2018 off on a high note!

I know, I know…it’s been a while. Every time I thought I was going to sit down and have a chance to write I always got sidetracked by something else. That’s just been life lately. 

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Take 3

In July I talked some friends into going to TALA. They’ve never been, I’ve been there twice already and I just love the place. Since the last time I went they’ve added a lot to the normal tour I’ve taken, so I was excited to see those new places. We also ended up going on another tour – which was totally new to me.

I highly suggest anyone take a tour of this place if they ever are in the area. As I said before, I completely love the building.

You can see more of the pictures I took during the tours, you can see them here.

Liz Weekend

I oddly had a Friday and Saturday off last month. I knew my brother had my niece for his “summer vacation” with her, so I asked if I could have her for a couple days. She came up Thursday night and stayed with us until Saturday afternoon. These days off were during the Hall Of Fame week – actually it was at the end of that week. So she was here for the grand parade that closes out the week of events. We did take her to that – which was a lot of fun. I’ve only lived in Canton for 1 year as of the end of July, and last year I worked during all the HOF events. It was nice to be able to attend them this year.

The Friday she was here I had a work meeting. So she thought she was super special since she had to sit in on a meeting and listen to a bunch of kitchen talk and specials. After the meeting was over we went to the mall. I finally broke down and told her that I was taking her to Build-A-Bear. I knew she had never been to one before. She did tell me an interesting and odd story that her mom wanted to go, but none of the kids were going to get anything just her mom because it was her birthday. Let’s just say, I don’t get along with her mom and that kind of proves why I don’t. Anyways, I knew it wasn’t going to be a cheap trip, but it was fun. She bought an outfit and I bought everything else. Which included another outfit, pajamas, slippers, a sleeping bag, a brush and shoes.

As I said before we ended the weekend with her by going to the grand parade.


Last weekend we were in Kentucky for a wedding. If you’ve been reading my blog very long, you know we went to Louisville a few years ago and had fun. Well the wedding was in Bowling Green, which is around 1 hour south of Louisville. The wedding was Saturday. So we left Ohio at around 1am Saturday morning. We got into Bowling Green at around 8am. We helped them set up a little and went to check in at our hotel. That was followed by a short nap. We met up with one of our friends to check out downtown Bowling Green before the wedding. So we stayed in Bowling Green Saturday night and we got up Sunday morning and drove to Louisville, where we had a hotel for Sunday night. Sunday we pretty much looked around downtown at closing stores, which was sad but I still enjoyed the time away. Monday we headed home, but we stopped at Jungle Jim’s on the way back. This is seriously one of the best places to ever visit. We were there for nearly 4 hours. It ended in a bill of $300. It was well worth it though. We stocked up on soy sauce and rice. We bought 25lbs of rice for $16.00.

As always…I have pictures of the trip.

My boyfriend was in the wedding, I was just kind of there.

Finally had a White Castle veggie. It was well worth it!

I finally bought my Lisa frank shoes. It takes me back to childhood.

Sunday night we got dressed up and went to on a nice dinner date. The food was amazing.

I took this during the drive home.

Work “Trip”

Many of you know I work as Lead Prep and dessert maker at Fat Head’s Brewpub. Well they have a new location opening today (8/20) in Middleburg Heights (Ohio). Well Saturday was the little soften open for the location, at this soft open it was visited by employees from the other locations to give them a taste of the new restaurant and beer hall. This location is also where they’ll be making all the beer for distribution. So this location is HUGE. The one thing you’ll notice is the menu is different at each location – to meet with what the locals would like to eat. A lot of fast food places do the same thing. I don’t think many of you are planning a vacation to Ohio – I personally wouldn’t, haha – but if you ever find yourself in northeast Ohio you should drop by the location to at least look through the windows at them making or bottling the beer.

Tuesday I start a new dessert at work. We’re going to have a Bubmbleberry peach crisp layered in a mug. What I’m super excited about is the milk and cookie special we’ll be running in 2 weeks. I think it’s fun and just in time with all the kids going back to school. Even adults need milk and cookies.

A Work In Progress

There are some things you just know you’ll never be finished with and they’ll forever be a work in progress. That’s how I’m feeling like now about my little craft/computer room. There’s still so much I want to do to it. The major thing is finding a loveseat of some kind so I can get rid of the bed that’s just sitting there. The idea of putting a loveseat (or coach) is for the kids when they come and stay. Plus I kind of hang out in the room when I’m by myself. So I finally have pictures of what it’s like so far – but none of the floor because there’s still stuff on the floor that needs homes.

This is my pin board. I’m ordering a new pin board. I started enjoying pins in the late teens and still have a lot of those. I also signed up for Brat Box – which I am LOVING.


So with having to travel to the wedding, it has kind of thrown me out of the every night dinner thing we were doing. There are some basic things I have to go to the grocery store for and I just don’t want to really.

I’ve thought about writing a post all about how I plan for dinners and keep everything in order. I’ve thrown that idea around a while ago and just didn’t do it because I don’t know if anyone would really want to read my ramblings about what I do to plan dinner when I work a 40+ hour job. Since I have a new printer and can actually print calendars out and everything, that may finally be that push I needed to write that blog. My sister-in-law asked me about how I do it and I explained it to her and made her a binder like the one I use to plan.

Big Mac Tater Tots

Sweet Potato & Quinoa burrito bowl

“Chicken” Taco Alfrado

Asian “Duck” with veggies

(vegan) Ruben

Horror, Ice Cream & Nails

So if you know anything about it, you know my love for Jason Voorhees. Not just my love for him, but my love for the guy who has played him the most – Kane Hodder. I knew about this documentary last year and was so excited to find out more about him, as well as support him even more. I’ve loved the fact that he has been given speaking roles and roles beyond ones based on heavy stunts – I do totally understand that’s where he started and love that. Anyways my order of the documentary finally came and I watched it the night I bought it. Yes, I did end up crying while I watched it.

This documentary is something every horror fan should watch.

While I’m talking about horror, I subscribed to the Coffin Box. In each box you get a shirt and movie, along with some other items. Well I received the second box…

And I am beyond happy with the box this time. The shirt is perfect and I can’t wait to wear it to see the new Halloween film! I’m still trying to find the perfect place for my little blade.

And Saturday I adopted a new Jason.

So, a new weeks ago my sister-in-law came up to have a girls day. We all know I don’t really do girlie things. Don’t ask me anything about eye shadow or…*insert make-up term here*… because I don’t know any of that. As close to make-up as I get is the fact that I own some nail polish.

Since I work in a kitchen I can’t paint my nails at home because we all know how bad they chip and it would just be a waste of time. So when she came up I paid for us to go get our nails done. First time for both of us and it was fun. I have kitchen nails – short nails that are usually stained by some kind of juice.

I suggested my middle finger be fun because I use it a lot.

Yesterday my DNA kit came and I did it was soon as I got home so it could be in the mail today. I’ll be waiting 6-8 weeks for any kind of feedback from them. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. They’re around $59 on Amazon right now, so I just went ahead and bought it. I’m just wondering if there will be any surprises. Like, am I really as much German as everyone says? I’ve been told we’re German and Irish. Secretly, I am hoping for a surprise that no one else in my family knew about.

And I leave you with Ash and his pickle.

I know, I’m starting to get bad at blogging again. :/ I’m trying, really I am. I guess I feel like sometimes I don’t have anything worth writing about, or more like I don’t have anything people would like to read about. It all goes back to the major issue that’s even starting to effect my work – I get inside my own head and stop myself from doing a lot. I feel like it goes right along with depression. You feel like you’re worth nothing, so why are you even trying-  why are you even here. Just trying to work with it and figure out how to not listen to that voice.


Wednesday was my birthday. Last year I didn’t have a party, I just had a little dinner with a few people. So this year I had a party – I had my party Saturday (06/23). There were around 20 people who came, loads of food and everything. I had a lot of fun – even though I had to work the next day.

My party theme was Tiki! I encouraged everyone dress the part – as every theme party should! This is the cake my boyfriend ordered for me. I had no idea what it looked like until it was dropped off that morning. Oh yeah, and it was a strawberry cake with chocolate filling. 

This is one of the best gifts I received. A friend of mine from school – one of maybe 2 I still talk to – make these a lot. So she made me a Hello Kitty + Freddy Krueger mash up! 

I loved Power Rangers growing up, and I still do. So my boyfriend found these coins for me. I am super excited to have them. 

Now on my actual birthday, it rained all day. I worked until 4, but after I got off work I got a shower and changed. We went out for Chinese – which seems to be my usual birthday dinner. 

For my birthday movie this year we seen Tag. I only wanted to see it due to Jeremy Renner. What can I say, I’ve seen a fan since I was 10 and seen his first film. The movie is such a fun movie, plus we seen the trailer for The Nun – can’t wait!

I bought myself a little something for my birthday, too. I think everyone should put a little money back and buy something fun for your birthday. I do it every year. So, this year I bought a Fujifilm Instax Wide 300. I debated on a few other instant camera – I mean I own 5 original Polaroid cameras. So far, I’m having fun with this camera! 

This year it was a good birthday. And I already have a theme picked out for my party next year! I want to do a Vegas/Casino theme! 

Work has been…work. I haven’t suggested any specials as far as savory items goes. I’ve honestly been focused on desserts so I can make them as crazy as possible while still tasting good.

This was my first dessert offer – beer infused brownie with whiskey caramel sauce.

My second dessert offer- bumbleberry cheesecake bites

My third dessert offer- peach hand pies

My fourth dessert offer- peanut butter cake with bananas foster sauce, ice cream & house bacon bits

So far all the desserts have gotten great feedback. Next week I’m going to have the offer of doughnuts with a glaze that uses one of our beers. I’m kind of excited about it. 

I know this is a short blog entry, but it’s my day off and I’m in relax mode with Ash.


I’ll get the gross work talk out of the way first. A lot has been happening at work. If you’re friends on facebook with me or even just follow my instagram you already know.

Christine asked a question on a blog post and I feel bad for not answering it, but I’m finally going to answer it.

As a vegan, do you mind cooking meat for others?

I haven’t had meat in YEARS. I mean, I don’t want to say how many years because that just makes me feel old. To me there’s a smell to meat, especially chicken. I know I get a lot of shit from vegans due to the fact that I work in a restaurant where I have to handle and deal with meat. I do not taste any of the dishes which contain products I do not eat at home. I’ve learned what the meat should feel like and smell like when it’s ready after whatever we’re doing to it. We smoke all of our meat in house – including bacon. It’s not an easy job for me to do, but I’m doing it to prove to myself I’m cut out to work my dream job. I would never go to a costumer and tell them how they shouldn’t be eating that chicken wing because of the horrid conditions that chicken died in. In the end I want to make food for people and for them to enjoy it. With my current happenings at work I’m hoping to be able to include some things I can eat – even if it’s just on the menu for a week.

Last week was crazy, I worked over 40 hours – yippie for that overtime!

First major thing was that we did our first catering order. It was kind of exciting to have to make all this food and have everything portioned and ready to leave for the location. I even came in for 4 hours on my day off to help and make sure everything looked good. I’m excited to see what our catering menu is going to be and help out more with that side of the business. At one point in time I thought about doing catering. While the head chef was gone with the catering set up I was left in charge and up on expo.

That leads me to the big news…

I’m currently doing training to become kitchen supervisor! My main duty will still be handling prep, but making sure those who are on prep are doing what they should me. I was included with the kitchen management meeting Tuesday. The meeting honestly made me feel like I am actually becoming part of a management TEAM. At my last job the management wasn’t a team, it was deeply fractured and causing the business to suffer. I have high hopes for my new job and for the team I’m part of.

Tuesday (05/08) we’re having another meeting. At this meeting I’ll have beer brownies with whiskey caramel for the other kitchen managers to try. I’m hoping they turn out great so they can be a dessert special next week. I’ve never made them before, and the last time I made caramel sauce it didn’t end so well. haha. Next week I’ll also be making a vegan soup. It’s a light springtime soup, and I’m excited to be given the chance to add something vegan to the menu – even if it’s only for a week.

This week is also veggie burger week at home. Okay, so our veggie burger at work is…not awesome. Also, it has eggs in it. I have a few ideas of how to make it so much better. Just by adding some carrots, corn and well removing the egg. I’m trying to work off of what we already order due to the fact that we don’t go through that many veggie burgers.

I’m not dreading this next step. I’m actually excited and can’t wait to see what we can do at this business.

Finally Spring

The weather has finally made the turn to spring! I’m happy for it, but my allergies on the other hand…yeah. I have a zipper pouch in my work bag that’s full of allergy pills and I have to take at least a couple just while I’m at work. I work by the back door, which is where everyone goes out for smoke breaks and where the trucks come in. This means that door is used all day long and there’s a small area of trees behind us…so I’m dead by noon if I’m not taking anything.

This is Ash’s first spring/summer since we moved up here and he has loads of windows to sit in. Plus there’s so many birds and squirrels. It’s driving him nuts that he can’t go outside to chase after them. We did find out the neighbor has a cat because Wednesday morning Ash refused to eat. I found him sitting in the window in my craft room watching the cat next door. He was also just sitting in the window. They have some kind of weird friendship now, I think.

And since it’s warm weather, finally, I got a hair cut. Really, my boyfriend shaved my head. Since we’re all still learning about each other at work I’ve gotten a few questions as to why I did it. Society still says that hair defines a woman’s appeal. That’s so false. Hair is a way to express yourself and make yourself happy. Well, I’m beyond happy.

Birthdays, Mother’s Day

It seems May is ‘spending money on other people month’. Honestly that doesn’t make it any different than any other month for me. I mean, I pay my bills and never really buy myself much of anything. I buy the kids (nieces & nephews) stuff.

My boyfriend’s birthday is this week. I did give him the brewers almanac book I ordered him. It has recipe ideas to use what’s in season. I thought it would be very helpful and he’ll be able to get a few ideas of beers he can make that will be very seasonal.

Mother’s day is also coming up, fast. The major thing my younger brother and I split the cost of I already have. I’ve been trying to think of something else to get her. I mean what we got her is going to be a huge surprise and she’s going to love it, but I just want to include something that hits that theme.

Last of all, my niece is turning 7! So I’m buying her a Fujifilm Instax Mini 9. I know, I know, it sounds crazy to get a 7 year old that camera. She’s going to love it though, and it’s not that hard to use at all. I’ve been reading a lot about it and I’ve talked to my mom about it as well and she’s on the same page as I am. I’m going to order it as a kit though. In the kit you get the camera, case, 2 packs of film, and a mini photo album too. I’m going to buy her a few packs of film that have printed boarders as well. My brother just moved so they’re still working on getting the kids rooms together, the girls are going to share a room (and the boys are going to share a room), so I found a string of lights that are photo holders. I bought them because I think they’re going to be perfect. I’m going to have her open those first though because I know she’s going to be upset – little kids are funny like that. I’m going to open the camera when I get it though and take a picture. I’m going to tape the picture to the package. Now what I’m going to take a picture of…I don’t know. I’m thinking of taking a picture of Ash maybe.

My birthday is at the end of June, but I kind of already bought myself something. I bought this bundle. When I get it I’ll have the same shirt in a long sleeve style and a short sleeve style. The only thing is the long sleeve shirt is around 15 years old or so.


The last thing I wanted to talk about is really the first thing I talked about, food.

So I know I haven’t added any recipes to my blog at all, I am just wanting to add the best recipes first and add filler recipes later on. The first recipe I’m hoping to add will be the beer brownies I’m making. Well, that is as long as they turn out like they should. Fingers crossed!

I’m trying not to add recipes for the random stuff we’ve been eating lately. Which is a lot of salads. I haven’t been getting home before he gets home, so it’s kind of been finding things to throw together. I usually get a chance to eat around 10:30am before we open and I don’t eat again until I get home – which is between 4:30 – 5:30, it all depends on what time I clock out honestly.

I promise, I’m going to get better at blogging soon.

Another year, another trip to Chicago for C2E2! Thankfully the snow held off until Monday (04/09).

We go every year and are already making plans for next year. I’m already starting on my cosplay for next year – which will end up and be my Halloween costume for this year so I have time to fix any issues I have with it…I’m pretty sure I’m going to have issues with it. I’m excited for next year already, too! 

While in Chicago we did the usual thing, shopping. With the con and the random shopping, I’m surprised I didn’t come back with more than I did. 

For the con I brought my easy Alex (A Clockwork Orange) cosplay. It’s something easy and comfortable for a long day – plus it was my first time doing cosplay at a con. In the end it was fun, even though I forgot my cane at home.

There were so many great cosplays this year. There was also so much diversity too! Seeing the cosplay scene grow every year is so amazing. As I said before, I’m looking forward to next year already!


And I promise, I’m going to get better at blogging soon!

This isn’t going to be an exciting post, it’s just one of those “hey, I’m alive and this is what I’ve been doing” posts. Considering I’m doing this post, this also means pictures!

First off, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is my current go to. When I only had Netflix they had a few seasons, but they were all newer seasons. Well we signed up for Hulu and they have ALL the seasons, including the current season. I love that they add new episodes weekly, but I seriously need them to stop so I can at least make it to the half way point. The good thing is, I have around 290 episodes left. That means I’ve watched over 100 so far. It’s just going to take me so long to get caught up.

I’m not going to lie, when I’m getting a bubble bath I found a way to sit my tablet so I can even watch it in the bath. When I’m getting ready for dinner though, that’s when I’m not watching.

last week my boyfriend & I bought my mom a new phone. Her phone was the one I had before I bought the S8. That phone I had was…crap. You couldn’t do anything on it due to the OS taking up nearly 80% of the memory. We found the Moto X4 on Amazon for a good price, so we just figured it was a lot better and bought it for her. We dropped it off to her last Saturday, helped her set it up and everything. I ordered her a case for it this week and it came yesterday. She’s talking about coming up to see me sometime this week, so she’ll finally get the case. I didn’t really play on the phone once it was set up, but it looks like a nice phone. She really just uses it to text and take pictures of the kids. 

If you follow me in Instagram or have me as a friend on Facebook, you’ll know that I started my new job. 

The new job I started is a Prep Cook at the Fat Heads Brewery in my town. We were suppose to open on Monday (March 5th), but they pushed the opening back to the 12th. The reason for the push back is actually amazing reasons & I can tell they really care about the employees as well as the people who will be coming through the doors. When I started training this week (February 26th) we were limited on what we could do in the kitchen. We were waiting for products as well as more kitchen items to come in. I can’t say how training was up front, but I know we were waiting on some of the items they needed as well – which I totally understand because we’re starting from scratch in a new building. I just love that they were willing to push the opening back so that we can all be trained and not be as nervous – I’m sure we were all nervous with the opening coming so quickly. 

With the pressure of the opening off of all of us when it comes to not opening the 5th, I think we can all relax a little and really take our time when it comes to taking in all the training we’re going through. I’m all the way in the back of the building making everything the line needs. From sauces to smoking meats. Yes, I know, I’m a horrible vegan for handling meat. When you’ve been dying to get into a real kitchen, you’ll do almost anything. For the past two days that we had training they were going over doing a prep sheet, which is old news to me because that’s what I did everyday at my old job. I walked in, did the prep sheet, made the list of what we needed and got to work. As of right now I’m on the AM shift, which honestly I think I may request to be stuck to that shift because it seems to work out so much better for me. I can get a ride from my boyfriend in the morning and I just catch the bus when I’m done. 

As of right now, I think I’m going to really enjoy this new work environment. I’m also not going to lie, I’m scared as hell to open because I know it’s going to be lines out the door for the first few months of us being open. I also made a goal for myself, I’m going to be on the line by the end of this year. That’s my personal goal – to be the only female on that line. 

As I said I get a ride to work from my boyfriend in the morning. He drops me off at the shopping -plaza at around 8:10am and I don’t start until 9am. So I go to Earth Fare and grab a smoothie for my breakfast & read. I’m currently reading this amazing book! I’ve read both of his other books, so I was super excited when I found out he was going to be doing a new book. I pre-ordered it but with how I used to work, I didn’t want to do anything after work besides veg out. I’m only about a chapter in, but I’m loving it. 

Since I know I’ll be able to have time to read, I went ahead and ordered my next book to read. I’m not a stranger to Clive Barker and knowing he writes novels as well. I picked this one as my first read because I love Pinhead. 

One amazing thing about my current work schedule is the fact that I actually feel like cooking dinner and don’t have to go to bed as soon as I eat!

So now my weekly routine is to get my recipe binder and go through the list of recipes and pick for each day of the week. I made a list out of some of my books of recipes we want to try and we’re just working out way through that list. Some days I don’t cook, like today I was going to make a breakfast casserole but we’re just going to do leftovers – and since the casserole was made from frozen items it’s something I can make another time. 

Next week our little menu is:
Monday (3-5): Broccoli & Potato Soup
Tuesday (3-6): Mongolian “Beef” Ramen
Wednesday (3-7): Thai Pizza
Thursday (3-8): Portobello Cheesesteak 
Friday (3-9): Hashbrown Casserole

I even write the menu on the calendar we have hanging in the kitchen. I like having this set routine for dinner. 

Last week we had Taco fries – an awesome cheap dinner! 

Friday we had green beans, mashed potatoes and “duck” in orange sauce. 

Since I’m able to cook and enjoy the food, I’m sure I’ll finally get around to fixing my recipe section. I know it’s going to take a long time to get that done though. 

And the last thing I wanted to talk about – well more like show you guys – is Ash. I mean, who doesn’t like a black cat named after Bruce Campbell’s character in the amazing Evil Dead films?!